Coping with delays

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Our 20+ hour journey to Thailand ended up involving some delays so the return leg unfortunately took over 30 hours. We may as well have flown to Australia!

It really was surpringly fine though, astonishingly. Rather than whinge lots about it (which I would definitely have done pre-children for sure!), Mr R and I put a brave face on and told the children we had 7.5 hours to “explore Singapore” and have an adventure. Which we certainly did.

We became one of the last of 1000s of people to get a Singaporean stamp in our passports. We visited the world’s largest indoor waterfall at Jewel, during its second day being open. We chatted to local shopkeepers and shoppers and learned (a small bit) about life in Singapore. Our children made brilliant artistic creations at a shop in the mall at 11pm-midnight, oblivious to the time (with the long flight home delayed until 3am, we figured “why not?”). We blagged our way into the first class Qantas lounge.

We finally got onto the plane at 3am with three happy (and two asleep) children and somehow passed +13.5 hours together in economy, much of it with them asleep.

For us the – extremely long – journey became a significant part of the adventure. 7.5 “stuck” in an airport with three small children could have been horrendous but instead undoubtedly helped to make our holiday adventure extra special!

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