Same backpack, different Mexican adventure?

So, we’re off to Mexico very soon!

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Flashforward 14 years. I was last there in 2005, backpacking around Yucatan for a couple of weeks. In 2005 it was an adventurous, incredible trip. We did so much in only a couple of weeks. Discovered cement beach huts in Tulum were too mosquito-infested (broken nets) and hot for this backpacker. Stayed in hotels with no water or electricity at times but absolutely loved them. Became addicted to quesadillas and nachos. Snorkelled with whale sharks 3 hours off the coast from Holbox Island. Visited tourist-infested Playa del Carmen and bartered for sombreros. Explored Chit Chin Itza and other mayan ruins. Undertook boat rides across crocodile-infested Mangroves and flamingo watched at  Rio Lagartos. Snorkelled in ice cold water cenotes deep in the ground, including through tunnels where in certain places there was no space to come up for air.

The same backpack will join me, still held together at the top by dental floss (sewn as an emergency fix in Guatemala n 2005 but incredibly strong, don’t knock this until you’ve tried it yourself!). The same beautiful Yucatan, only undoubtedly much more developed (and more dangerous so says the website, but don’t worry we’ll be extremely careful :)). But this time accompanied by a cluster of wheely suitcases, Mr R and our fabulous three and to a luxury resort.

We’re in much need of a relaxing “do nothing” vacation, full of swimming and snorkelling, but we’re also hoping to try and cram in some similar adventures to my 2005 experiences. Watch this space for an update!

Has anyone else returned years later to a favourite backpacker destination, but in extremely changed circumstances? Had your destination changed significantly? Did you explore the same places as before or visit new ones? Please post your comments, I’d love to hear about your experiences also.