Hannahcity now means staying home!


The last time I wrote on these pages it was about the prospect of far-flung adventures. Of golden soft sands and azure seas. Of long-haul excitement with my amazing Mr R and our fabulous three. I’m sorry I then didn’t write for so long people: I injured my ankle whilst in Mexico last summer and all my plans to blog fell by the wayside.

Today I am on day 11 of self-isolation, in what often feels like a parallel universe. The prospect of going abroad again anytime soon is remote.

I always said Hannahcity was going to be about the art or state of being Hannah. Well, what that means now has to change and I’ll adapt accordingly.

Watch this space for some new articles soon on parenting on one leg for the last 4 weeks (no, really!) and what it then means to do so whilst self-isolated for 7 days away from my family. I’ll then go on to write some pieces on what’s happening in the wider world, and what we’re doing at home to keep busy.

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts, dreams and new home-bound adventures with you all!